Rules & Etiquette

If you violate any of our rules during an event, you will be asked to leave, and your membership will be revoked. No exceptions.

Respect the community
Dominium Vita is about being part of a community, and so we expect all our members to be kind and courteous towards each other. If you are found to be making another member uncomfortable or uneasy, you will have your membership revoked.

Don’t Touch
This goes without saying. Do not touch anyone, including the DV team, without permission. To see more about our consent expectations and rules, please visit our Consent Etiquette tab below.

No photos or videos
We have a strict no photo/video policy in all of our events. Upon arrival you will be asked to cover your phone cameras with a sticker which will be provided to you.

Respect our team
Our staff are always there to help, but we will not tolerate any rudeness or harassment towards them. Dominium Vita team members are still a part of this community, this means you cannot touch them without their permission and must respect them as you respect others.

Don’t be a drunk
If anyone is found to be too intoxicated at a Dominium Vita event, for the safety and security of our members, you will be asked to leave and risk having your membership revoked.

No smoking
For health and safety, Dominium Vita has a strict no smoking policy both in and outside all our play event venues.

No pressure
No one attending a Dominium Vita event should feel pressured into participating in any activity they do not want to.

Don’t be phobic
Dominium Vita will not tolerate any racist, homophobic, transphobic or discriminatory remarks of any kind. This includes classism, fetishisation, body shaming, abuse of power dynamics or kink shaming.

Let us know
If you see or hear anything that makes you uneasy or goes against any of our policies, please report it immediately to a Dominium Vita team member. By doing so you are helping keep the Dominium Vita community a safe and secure space and prevent others from being exposed to certain behaviors.

If you are concerned about any behaviour or activities during a Dominium Vita event, please make sure you reach out to one of our safeguarding team members as soon as possible at the event. This will help to keep our community safe and secure for all those who attend. All safeguarding ‘Ethical Slut’ team members will be wearing red LED arm bands and are available throughout any Dominium Vita event. The hosts, Emma & Richard are also available to speak to if you are not able to find another team member.

If for any reason you are not able to flag something during an event, you can email us at to report the issue.

If any of the Dominium Vita team or other members find your behaviour questionable, your membership will be placed on hold for 2 months minimum until the Dominium Vita team feel as though you will be a safe and proactive member of the community. Furthermore, if a formal complaint is made against you, Dominium Vita reserves the right to place your membership on hold for any extended period of time until a conclusion to the issue is found.

When watching…

  • Do not touch anyone without their permission
  • Do not interrupt a scene – this means if people are in the middle of play, you cannot just walk up and touch them, or expect to get involved. If someone perhaps looks as though they want you to get involved, always ask first. If your partner is in a scene, without you, all people involved in that scene must verbally consent for you to enter as well. 
  • Voyeurism is fine but learn your limits. Sitting next to someone uninvited and staring at them will make them uncomfortable.
  • If you are a voyeur, we kindly ask you to refrain from solo play whilst watching others. The people being watched are not able to give permission, making this a non-consensual act.

When playing…

  • Please remember you are in a shared space, so whilst we do want you to let your hair down and enjoy, please try not to hog large areas.
  • Make sure you keep areas clean and hygienic. Our team will always be on hand to help, but please try and leave areas as you found them so others can enjoy.
  • If you are playing near others, please do not interrupt their scene. Even mid-play, consent must be given before you touch anyone else.
  • If you would like someone else to enter a scene, whilst you are in mid-play, all individuals involved must consent before a new individual may enter in. If consent is not given, it is up to you if you would like to stay and play without the other person, or leave the scene and go to play with them separately. 

If you are found to have broken any of our consent expectations, your membership will be instantly revoked and you will be banned from any future Dominium Vita events.

All Dominium Vita members will receive a digital membership card that can be added to their phone via Apple Wallets or Google Wallets. This must have a clear picture of yourself on it, along with your Dominium Vita membership and membership number. You will not be allowed entry into a Dominium Vita play event without an updated digital membership card.

1. We have a three-strike rule for attendance. This means if you purchase a ticket and fail to notify us you won’t be attending within 48 hours 3 times, we will cancel your membership. This is because we have limited tickets available for each event, so if you do not show up, that is a ticket we could have given to someone else.

2. Tickets can be transferred to another event, but if there is a price change you may be asked to pay the difference or refunded.

3. We are only able to refund tickets if you notify us of the refund at least 2 days before the event. After that we are not able to refund or exchange your ticket.