Frequently Asked Questions

The link for our membership application can be found on our at the top of our website.
We do not have specific requirements that can guarantee you a membership, though we do have a few elements we look for in an application. We do receive a large amount of applications, so just because you include certain elements, does not guarantee your approval.
Absolutely not! This is purely for us to get a sense of how you look, and that you’re a real person.
Unfortunately, this most likely means your application has not been successful. We are not able to give feedback on individual applications, so please always feel free to revise and send it through again.
We try to keep our ratios fairly even at all of our events; however, tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis to our members. So, the final ratio is out of our hands.
We use a selection of small, upscale, private properties for our events. Because of this we always ask our members to be respectful on their way in and out of the venue.

Most of our events are on the smaller side but it can range from 50-180 depending on the event and venue.

We are happy to have single men come along however this is a safe and respectful community. We have a 1 strike policy when it comes to consent and our rules & etiquette, if you breech those or make anyone feel uncomfortable you will be removed from the event and your membership will be revoked
Yes, we have security at ALL of our events.
Absolutely not! We are primarily an event based around community, so if you’d like to just have a drink and spectate, you are more than welcome to do so! Your comfort is key.